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How Much More Blood Before Reform?

Within 12 days of Australia’s Port Arthur massacre in 1996, where a lunatic with an AR-15 mowed down 35 people, the Australian parliament enacted bipartisan gun regulations. There has not been a mass shooting in Australia since. It is difficult...
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The Rich Must Have Nowhere To Hide

If I hear another word about austerity and the stupid fiscal cliff, I’m going to puke. Let’s go off the fiscal cliff. At least it will raise taxes on the rich. Any talk of government austerity is misplaced. The United...
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Letters from Inside the Belly: The Insanity of Housing a 16-Year-Old with Adults

Webmaster note: For many years, this column has printed work from persons incarcerated by the Connecticut Department of Corrections (“DOC”). As part of this journalistic exercise, we ran their names and addresses and inmate number and told something of their...
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Our Pillar of Shame

Four star dinners and nights at the theater and Christmas cards and prime time sitcoms and hand tailored suits and political fundraisers with fancy hos d’oeuvres and awards brunches and rallies before God cannot hide the fundamental savagery of humanity....
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Less Hartford Voters in 2012, but More Chaos? Why?

State Representative-elect Edwin Vargas was not happy with the electoral process in Hartford last week. The long lines, the poor communication, the funneling of all problems to City Hall – detailed in this column and other places – were unacceptable,...
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We Must Run Elections Like Every Voter will Vote

Did the City of Hartford’s Registrar of Voters office handle Election Day the best it could under the circumstances? Yes, according to Working Families Party registrar of voters Urania Petit, who is the only respectable and trustworthy figure in that...
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CT SOTS Denise Merrill Wins An All-Time Franky

With the first Tuesday in November quickly approaching, we must now turn to the mechanics of our republic: voting. Is a picture of a middle-aged white woman plastered around the poorest parts of the state enough to get people out...
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Obama + Romney * Foreign Policy = Imperialism

The wags all said Mitt Romney spent a lot of time agreeing with President Barack Obama during the foreign policy debate this past Monday evening, October 22, 2012. That is because there is very little difference between the Democrats and...
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Greening the Elections, State and Federal

On the same day that the New London Day’s editorial board was drafting an endorsement of Melissa Schlag, the Green Party candidate for Connecticut state senate in the 33rd district, the Green Party presidential ticket, Dr. Jill Stein and Cheri...
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Try “Dan and Dan’s” Magic Energy Formula!

Do Gov. Dannel Malloy and Dan Esty, his commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, have an energy plan for you! It’s a cure for fossil fuels, but first, take plenty of natural gas. The two Dans have...
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