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We’re Not in Happy Valley Anymore

If I could draw, I would draft a cartoon parodying the actors in the Penn State pedophilia/football mess as the characters from the Wizard of Oz.  The character traits of L. Frank Baum’s story of populism in the Midwest fits....
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I Want to be a Bike Lane for Cyclists on the Highway

In Denmark, the Danes are building superhighways for bicycles.  The Danish municipalities and their public works departments decided to construct 14-mile bike paths, away from car-carrying roads, for health, quicker commutes and carbon emissions reductions. And because bicycling makes you...
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On Placing a Ghost Bike for Jay Albert, RIP

Local bicyclist Jay Albert, 52, died on July 1, 2012 after 22-year-old drunk driver Tara Sylvester’s car crushed him a day earlier, in front of 226 Main Street, East Windsor. When Tony Cherolis and I rode our bicycles up there...
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A Challenge to All Connecticut Radio Stations

Good political reporting is like oxygen. Connecticut, though, is slowly suffocating from the lack of diverse political debate on its radio airwaves. This week’s column, then, stands as a challenge to all Connecticut radio stations to return to the roots...
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