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The ConnDOT Incident, aka The Busway Incident

Mike Sanders, the transit administrator of the Connecticut Department of Transportation, emailed various community members last week promising to keep Flower Street open while the busway, aka CTfastrak, is built, and to look for long term solutions to keeping it...
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The Jury Is Out on the Flower Street Closure

As we suggested might happen in last week’s column, on Tuesday, August 21, 2012, at 12 noon, more than three dozen people gathered at the I-84 Viaduct on Flower Street to discuss the potential closure of Flower Street for CTfastrak,...
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Let’s Sing Another Chorus of “The Busway Blues”

Oh, I got them busway blues Why are they closing Flower Street? Red Rock where am I gonna eat? And that Broad Street hurts my feet. Oh, I got them busway blues… If we want integrity in our transportation systems...
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Ghostbike #7, Jeffrey Harrison, RIP

Jeffrey Harrison’s obituary just said he died suddenly on July 30, 2012. Jeffrey Harrison was 51 years old and lived in East Haven.  His obituary said he had been married, had children, and According to neighbors on Coe Avenue, right...
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Hartford Politics: Wading Through Certain Sewage

The time has long since past when the Democratic Party was good for the city of Hartford. The Democratic Party is an unopposed gang right now, and like the big banks ruling our financial sector, the Democratic monopoly in Hartford...
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