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Corporate Capitalism Ignores Human Rights

As with all recent elections in America, the corporate capitalist domination of this system prevents any discussion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1948, more than 50 countries agreed the tenets of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights...
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A Short Guide for Haters On the Campaign Trial

Here are a three short lessons for haters and hypocrites who want to run for office. When you enter into the electoral politics, you will find bigotry, parochialism and disdain for “the other” your most potent weapons in the campaign...
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Hartford, CT, 9/13/12, 11:08 PM

Does anyone else see a direct line between this dire poverty and the exorbitant pay of the executives in yesterday’s post?
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NU-NStar Executives Make Massive Money, Layoff Employees

UPDATE at 1:39 pm: I emailed a copy of this column to Al Lara, the NU Spokesman shortly after publishing it. He sent me an email back stating “Ken’s a listed columnist and I don’t think the CAPITOL REPORT 2012®...
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Free Strategies for Democratic Senate Candidate Chris Murphy

This hit print last week, but I failed to post it online until today. I wonder if Daniela Altimari of the Courant read it in print before writing this: For McMahon, Party’s Not Part of Her Pitch. If politics is...
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