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Obama + Romney * Foreign Policy = Imperialism

The wags all said Mitt Romney spent a lot of time agreeing with President Barack Obama during the foreign policy debate this past Monday evening, October 22, 2012. That is because there is very little difference between the Democrats and...
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Greening the Elections, State and Federal

On the same day that the New London Day’s editorial board was drafting an endorsement of Melissa Schlag, the Green Party candidate for Connecticut state senate in the 33rd district, the Green Party presidential ticket, Dr. Jill Stein and Cheri...
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Try “Dan and Dan’s” Magic Energy Formula!

Do Gov. Dannel Malloy and Dan Esty, his commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, have an energy plan for you! It’s a cure for fossil fuels, but first, take plenty of natural gas. The two Dans have...
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America, the Nomocracy

In December 2010, a Mercedes sedan, driven by a hedge fund manager, struck and seriously injured a bicyclist in Vail, Colorado, then drove off. The hit and run driver, Martin Erzinger, was soon arrested in a nearby parking lot, where...
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