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For 2014, A More Tolerant, Empathic World

For 2014, I wish everyone a world free of intolerance. I hope for an end to mysogynist, classist, and potentially racist intolerant tripe, like that sputtered forth weekly by Chris Powell, the managing editor of the Manchester Journal-Inquirer regularly.  This...
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America’s Cruel Judicial System

Why the court system in the United States is an anachronistic cruelty sometimes: Example 1: A welder cutting an underground gas tank with a torch perishes in a terrible explosion. The entity buying his labor should now pay his widow...
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HOORAY! We are live!

Sorry for the month long disruption in blogging and webposts. The 40-Year Plan is committed to publishing, but sometimes, lousy internet service providers and the law business get in the way. Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to...
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Vote Robert Cotto For Board of Ed to Implement Civics Education

Hartford Board of Education member Robert Cotto has me convinced education policy will shape our democratic republic for the future. To that end, my wife and I hosted a conversation on education for Cotto’s re-election campaign this past Monday night....
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An Open Letter to Barcelona, the restaurant/bar in West Hartford Center:

Let’s see if we can work together. Inescapable totalitarian creep has me down. It’s everywhere: cops patrolling with license plate cameras; the Post Office photographing every piece of mail; the NSA reading all my email, collecting my address books and...
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Creating a City-Owned Internet Service Provider

Hartford needs to create a municipal internet service provider, much like the City of Wallingford owns an electric company. This has two amazing benefits. First, we eliminate our reliance on major multinational corporations and localize our internet economy. Second, we...
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Have no fear for atomic energy? I do.

I wish I could write another column about wishes like I did last week. Instead, I find myself straying from positive local visions, even after such a thrilling bicycle and Envisionfest weekend in Hartford. Instead, I find myself reading up...
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1,200 Words Worth of Wishes

I wish … • The Hartford Courant would begin hiring reporters like the Orange County Register did this year. The OC Register bucked the trend, and instead of laying off, the OC Register brought in reporters, who began digging up...
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State Rep. Minnie Gonzalez Must Resign

State representative Minnie Gonzalez must resign before the Connecticut General Assembly starts it 2014 session. She should not appeal her political death sentence, meted out by the Connecticut Appellate Court on September 10, 2013 The people of the third legislative...
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Interactions with Electeds on Syria

Congressman John Larson, Thursday, August 29, 2013, 7 p.m., Founders Hall, Northwest Community College, Winsted, CT Under the pressure of Ralph Nader, Congressman Larson holds a forum on the minimum wage, the Affordable Care Act and proposed Syrian intervention. About...
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