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Without Freedom of Information, Cop Body Cams and Other Important Things, Like Democracy, Will Falter

The idea of body cameras for police officers recently gained popularity with power after the brutal deaths of people at the hands of police. Even conservative Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra has expressed an interest in body cameras. However, body cameras...
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If a Stadium Fails in P&Z and There Was No News Coverage, Did It Really Happen?

The paucity of media coverage in Hartford does not help local government nor accountability. The Hartford Courant has just put up a paywall. Is this going to help get reporters to meetings? Highly unlikely. As far as I can tell,...
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Listen to Hartford Residents Shape their Visions For the City

Capital City residents registered their voices against automobile based development on Farmington Avenue at Hartford’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, Tuesday night, December 9, 2014. West End Civic Association member John Gale. Resident Jill Barrett. Neighborhood maven Steve Colangelo. Asylum...
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The Medicine of Protest Counters UConn’s Epidemic Racism and Impotent Administration

How do we hold power accountable for its arrogance, oversteps or inaction in the face of injustice? How do we coax power into apologizing for wrongdoing, either civic sins of omission or commission? And finally, can we forgive when power...
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