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Reject Islamophobia. Muslims Welcome Here.

How does creative non-violent resistance respond to calls for banning of all Muslims from entering the United States? I am not sure, but the response needs to be swift and forceful. I was surprised mainstream political dialogue in this country...
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An Open Letter to Mayor Pedro Segarra ***UPDATED*** I was wrong. Luke Bronin for Mayor!

Below is this week’s column. As so often happens, I have egg on my face. I was supporting Bob Killian. I wrote a column this week asking Mayor Pedro Segarra to drop out to help Killian and make the three-way...
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Comedy as Imperialist Propaganda: Spy, the Movie

From the moment the CIA logo flashed on on the screen after the opening credits of Melissa McCarthy’s new secret-agent flick “Spy”, I knew the script wore the Agency’s imprimatur. “Spy” features McCarthy as an overweight CIA agent who has...
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There Is No Excuse for HPD’s Systems of Abuse

The hundred or so people who stood in front of the Hartford Public Safety Complex Monday, afternoon July 6, 2015, chanting “We Want the Chief” knew HPD Chief James Rovella would not come outside to speak with them. I know....
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HPHS Class of 2015 Salutatorian Aiti Rai Has a Dream

The world is a stage, Shakespeare said, and all the people merely players. We tend to think, going about our daily lives, that we star in our own play. Sometimes, though, we meet someone, and we realize we may simply...
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Pregnancy Law In the USA = Really Bad

Pregnancy discrimination law, and the failure of the United States of America to have a policy providing paid maternity leave to mothers (and fathers) is an international shame. America, my friends, is one of the cruelest countries on the planet...
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CT Housing Policy: If Not Racist In Intent, Racist In Impact

Gov. Dan Malloy took unnecessary heat for saying if a policy is not racist in intent, it is racist in impact. While Republicans attacked Malloy’s rhetoric as applied to drug free school zones, Malloy’s analysis paralleled Sheff v. O’Neill’s driving...
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Run A Campaign To Make Dirt, Not Sling Mud

Astonishing fundraising numbers will continue to pile up as long as money remains speech in American politics. One way to change would be to push candidates to shift the money thrown into politics from spending it on campaigns to spending...
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This Curve Has A Job, Says The Accidental Mayor

The most critical sentence uttered by Pedro Segarra at the first mayoral debate of the 2015 season last week (May 13) at the Hartford Public Library was a Freudian slip. Near the end, Segarra, in arguing he deserved more time...
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Hartford Politics: Stuck in the Thrall of Tweedism

Connecticut is a hero democracy, according to Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard law professor and campaign finance reform advocate. Lessig spoke to a packed crowd at UConn Law School Friday, April 24, 2015, as the DayPitney visiting scholar. He explained the...
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