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Krayeske v. CT, 3/25/15, 1 p.m.

Krayeske v CT Claims Commission Book

Download and read this book. Please. For Frederick Douglas. For me. For you.

Frederick Douglas

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The question is if, once we recognize that our own government works against the liberty interests of citizens, can this same government make amends? Most people do not think so.

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On Wednesday, March 25, 2015, at 1 p.m., the Judiciary Committee of the CT General Assembly will hear testimony concerning HJ 76: RESOLUTION CONFIRMING THE DECISION OF THE CLAIMS COMMISSIONER TO DISMISS THE CLAIM AGAINST THE STATE OF KENNETH J. KRAYESKE.

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This is the Judiciary Committee’s chance to make it right. They will hear  my claim to abrogate sovereign immunity for the state’s role in destroying evidence and covering up the crimes against liberty that occurred on January 3, 2007. Members of the Judiciary Committee should vote no on this bill, and allow my claims to proceed.

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The Krayeske v CT Claims Commission Book details and explains how we have arrived at this point. I invite you to read it, and judge for yourself if I should have the ability to sue the state for its egregious behavior in covering up the reasons behind the false arrest.

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Hardly any decisions of substance from courts or executive branch officials have gone my way during the past eight years. Experienced watchers of government have told me I have no chance at getting the Judiciary Committee to vote for me.

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While impossible odds are the kind of odds I like best, this whole situation, compounded over eight long years, makes me sad, almost inconsolably so. I am nearing the end of my opportunities to obtain redress of my grievances.

I have spent countless thousands of dollars and hours fighting government corruption in my case. I prefer to see my fight as one of optimism and hope, that we can correct the flaws of our nature, that we can make amends.






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