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Run A Campaign To Make Dirt, Not Sling Mud

Astonishing fundraising numbers will continue to pile up as long as money remains speech in American politics. One way to change would be to push candidates to shift the money thrown into politics from spending it on campaigns to spending...
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This Curve Has A Job, Says The Accidental Mayor

The most critical sentence uttered by Pedro Segarra at the first mayoral debate of the 2015 season last week (May 13) at the Hartford Public Library was a Freudian slip. Near the end, Segarra, in arguing he deserved more time...
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Hartford Politics: Stuck in the Thrall of Tweedism

Connecticut is a hero democracy, according to Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard law professor and campaign finance reform advocate. Lessig spoke to a packed crowd at UConn Law School Friday, April 24, 2015, as the DayPitney visiting scholar. He explained the...
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