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The Faux Frais of Elections

Lincoln was right, the world will little note nor long remember what we say, and with good reason. Most of the pre-election analysis of this 2016 rabbit hole is tripe ending in confusion and worry. If I hoped browsing history...
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Knitting in Istanbul

People live in Istanbul. Little kids. Old women. They’re just trying to get by no different than you or me. They drive cars and ride bicycles and knit. I visited Istanbul in 2005. Here are some pictures. Peace to the...
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The Austerity/Productivity Trap

Municipality, strapped for cash, demands firefighters work 33 percent more for the same salary. Simultaneously, a man 75 miles away reports an annual income of $1.4 billion. State and federal tax policy that favors wealth hoarding prevents those same governments...
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FCC = Frozen Communications Commission?

This: Federal Communications Commission Letter to Attorney Krayeske The FCC still has not made a decision about whether or not John Rowland’s use of WTIC-1080AM’s airtime for his bribery scheme impacts WTIC’s license renewal. In fact, the FCC hasn’t even...
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