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FCC = Frozen Communications Commission?

This: Federal Communications Commission Letter to Attorney Krayeske

The FCC still has not made a decision about whether or not John Rowland’s use of WTIC-1080AM’s airtime for his bribery scheme impacts WTIC’s license renewal. In fact, the FCC hasn’t even reviewed the question yet, even though I posed it to the FCC more than two years ago.

I last communicated to the FCC January 15, 2015, asking for an update. Now, 15 months later, the FCC has decided to tell me that I apparently failed to copy WTIC on an October 2014 communication as well as the January 2015 communication. I swear I thought I sent it to WTIC’s lawyers, but I could have been wrong.

Whatever the case, the FCC’s lumbering bureaucracy apparently types one word every two weeks. At this rate, we can expect a decision sometime after 2020. And who says the federal government isn’t responsive?

I am sure WTIC is in great consternation over its license renewal.

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