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Greenwich Stands Its Ground

Governments of, by and for the people – run by human beings – are inevitably prone to mistakes. The test of good government is how those running an administration deal with a mishap, or worse yet, illegal actions. What if...
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Raise the Wages for CRRA’s Lowest Paid Trash Sorters

President Obama just announced a game changer. He has long campaigned for a raise in the  federal minimum wage. To push that, he signed an executive order to raise the wage floor to $10.10 per hour for any company or...
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1,200 Words Worth of Wishes

I wish … • The Hartford Courant would begin hiring reporters like the Orange County Register did this year. The OC Register bucked the trend, and instead of laying off, the OC Register brought in reporters, who began digging up...
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Dear Congressman Larson: Raise the Federal Minimum Wage Now!

    Dear Congressman Larson – On Sunday, July 21, 2013, I collected about 75 signatures on a petition with the following language: “America must raise the federal minimum wage to $10.50 an hour as soon as possible. More than...
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The Rich Must Have Nowhere To Hide

If I hear another word about austerity and the stupid fiscal cliff, I’m going to puke. Let’s go off the fiscal cliff. At least it will raise taxes on the rich. Any talk of government austerity is misplaced. The United...
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