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1998, 2007, 2014: Hartford’s Story Remains the Same

Sometimes, covering the city of Hartford, I feel like I write the same story over and over again. It’s like things change, but they stay the same. We may get a new layer of asphalt on the road, but they...
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Politicians: Good and Bad

Good: Gov. Dan Malloy has proposed that the state should hire single mothers to take their children to preschool. It is about time an elected official stood up for single mothers and addressed a component of the poverty cycle. Bad:...
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Hartford Must Find $100,000 To Support Homeless Women’s Shelter

Mayor Pedro Segarra must think it is unfair when people call him a liar, or worse. After all, he claims to act in the best interests of the city. But to 30 or so resident on South Marshall Street, Mayor...
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Economic Development Is The Capitalist Cry of War

The stadium and development for North Downtown sought by Mayor Pedro Segarra is nothing short of perpetuating institutional racism, if you listen to Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report. This isn’t because the Mayor is a fire breathing racist,...
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People 2, Rock Cats 0

Disclosure: I am an active participant in the Hartford Coalition to Stop the Stadium. Since the Rock Cats business is all about sports, let’s keep score. My favorite sign from the march and rally by the Hartford Coalition to Stop...
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A Stadium Built By a Public-Private Partnership Is A Dumb Deal for Hartford

  The public never wins in a public-private partnership. So when Mayor Pedro Segarra recasts his $60 million stadium bonding project as a public-private partnership, know it is the same stinking, rotten theft of public dollars. Make no mistake: Mayor...
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A Brief Environmental Assessment of Mayor Segarra’s Great Stadium Swindle

Brazil built 13 stadiums for the World Cup. Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva called for a “Green World Cup.” Brazil tracked the carbon emissions of every construction project under the Agenda for a Sustainable World Cup. Hartford now wants...
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Rich Snakes, Lame Ducks and Rock Cats

Last week, I wrote big-time baseball was a game run by billionaires for millionaires. I homered saying baseball was run by billionaires, but I whiffed on the implication that minor league baseball players are well paid. First, let’s point out...
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If You Build It, They Won’t Come

Of all the bad ideas Mayor Pedro Segarra has proposed, and this list is long, bringing minor league baseball to downtown Hartford sits at the top. The deal, the best I can tell from news reports, is that Hartford will...
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Jesselyn Radack for SCOTUS

Jesselyn Radack struck me like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did. Directed and smart, with a plan. If we’re lucky, Radack may someday sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. And in a just world, Radack would. Why? Radack has...
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